Modeling a boot

So with some freetime on my hands i figured why not model sumting, well after a couple hours here is what i got. Far from complete but coming along ok.

Very good work! What does it look like subsurfed?

Looks familiar, there is a tut on that or something right?

I have to disagree. You should try not making the boot using an L-extrusion. If you have a boot, try it on. Now lean forward with your foot flat on the ground. You’ll probably notice some creases where your leg meets your foot. This would be impossible to imitate with your current mesh.

yea, i saw this boot tut a while back on bnation.

Will the subdivisions help this? Will be moving into modeling clothing soon so would like to here how you deal with this issue.

Check this video out:
The foot and boot deform similarly. Since his foot model is pretty simple, the user just copies the foot to make the boot. The topology of a good boot should be similar to what you see in the video.