modeling a bowl

Hi, artists,
I have downloaded a model (the bowl in the picture above). It looks nice, but I want to model the similar bowl by myself.What is the modeling tool I could use in blender? I guess it maybe curves or something similar.


There are so many ways to do this but here’s two

Top row, from left:

  • Starting with a UV sphere. Shift+A -> mesh -> UV sphere. Operator panel on the bottom of the tool shelf or F6: 16 segments and 8 rings
  • Selecting top vertices and deleting them. Z to go to wireframe view mode, B to box select, X -> vertices to delete
  • Moving the top vertex to line up with the row above. Could do this many ways: eyeballing it, scaling with appropriate settings, but I used vertex snapping: ctrl+shift+tab -> vertex, select the bottom vertex, initiate grab along Z axis (G, Z), hold down ctrl and point to one vertex above, left mouse button to accept
    Also selected faces around the middle vertex on the bottom and inset them (i).
  • I then added one loop cut near the top edge. Ctrl+R and point your mouse cursor near a vertical edge to get the horizontal direction, LMB to accept, then slide and LMB again.
  • I then added a solidify modifier and gave it more thickness, then added a subdivision surface modifier to give it more geometry, and then set shading to smooth. Modifiers are on the right and smooth shading (in object mode) is on the tool shelf (T), shading: smooth

Bottom row, from left:

  • Starting with the default cube
  • Selected all (A) and subdivided with W -> subdivide smooth, 3 cuts on the operator panel
  • Selected all and rounded it to sphere (alt+shift+S, 1)
  • Now this is almost the same as with UV sphere. Deleted top vertices
  • Moved the bottom vertex to line up with the row above
  • Selected bottom faces, alt+shift+S, 1 again to round the faces, i to inset
  • The rest are the same

I can recomend this tutorial.