Modeling a Brachiosaurus Dinosaur- Need help

brachiosaurus model.blend (617 KB)
Hey guys
I’m working on a dinosaur model (this is my first model ever).
I’m making a Brachiosaurus. I used a reference photo and made the basic shape by extruding a cube. I then went back and scaled things down to make it look about right.
Now i have a basic mesh, and need to sculpt the details. How do I sculpt it? And advice? Anyone know of any good tutorials? I want to make it really detailed. I attached what I have so far at the top of this post.

the basemesh looks alright, but the geometry is a mess. before i would start ANY sculpting, i would watch the dragon series on, which briefly goes over sculpting as well. the dragon he models looks similar to your dinosaur.

good luck :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice!

You really need to work on mesh flow and rounding the body and legs. I created this quick low mesh over your model made from cube. Most of the dinosaur parts were extruded out and flow along the contour.