modeling a braid (how?)

i want to model braids and then use the array modifier to make them longer. i want to make it low poly.

so i would need to only make one main part of the braid. but how ? i am trying for days to do it but it doesnt work.

can anyone help me?

(in theory here)

couldn’t you make a braid like twist out of curves & then use an array modifier on some tubes to go with the curves?

i have been trying this. i want it to have the shape of a braid.but the results were not good.

this way may be a bit more difficult/confusing, but maybe use a plane, or a cube, then just mess with the size to what you want it, then subdivide it, then model it from there? just a suggestion, ill try to make an example for you in my free time, Im in school right now and i dont have the program on this computer, but when i get home, ill attempt to make one for ya.

Use the screw tool. Here is a blend, on the right are verts setup for screwing :).

On the left you will see the results of the screw being performed in ortho fro front-view with the default settings. Play with the numbers, circles and number of strands to get it right. Good Luck!


braid.blend (175 KB)

thanks but i mean this

Well either my method or the happy friar’s will work for that…are you wondering how to do the top part of the hair? I would either use the screw tool or curves or plain old moving vertices and extruding if those got too frustrating. Or you could use the auto-make-braid tool…:evilgrin:

Edit: just thought of something else, are you wanting to use actual hair particles? Because they have a braid option, really long boring tutorial on hair here.

Here is David Ward making some sculpted hair .

Nice work blend_B. Sorry to throw you off track . … but there is a free program called knots that can export to blender. You may have spend about an hour or to get a good render, or export mesh, or at least some ideas.

do you have the link for this knots script or wxternal soft!

1 vaguely remember that one but does it do thsi type of twisted hair ?