Modeling a car/4 viewports/stuck

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Noob here - be afraid!

I’m just about to try my hand at modeling a car. I’ve set up blender with 4 view-ports and have placed my blueprints into them (front, back, top, side) but now I’m stuck :rolleyes:

Where do I start? I’m sure there must be a tutorial outlining modeling this way but I’m at a loss to find it. Anyone got any tips or pointers or anything that could help me?

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search for car and blueprint and there is a lot os posts available
but meanwhile here is list of site with blueprint and some with tutorial 03&PID=56

  • Probably the best I got but it’s all links from page 1 to 4 here.


I commonly start at the front, around the wheel socket(?) and than to the back, the hood, the roof and the trunk ar last, and don’t go any further at that moment(if I get that far) but I’ve listend to many modelers, and one of them said to cut it up to smaller pieces for better detailing. But hey, I never finished one, so I could be wrong.

The journey of 200,000 verts begins but with a single click. (not my model, just compositing)


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Cheers for the info guys - really helpful!

Just another thing, when I have set my view-ports top view(top left), front view(top right), side view(bottom left) and back view(bottom right) the movement in one of these views doesn’t appear to be set correctly.

If I place a cube in the bottom left window (side view) and move the cube left and right (from the front to the back of the car) in the top left view (top down) the cube moves from the drivers side to the passenger side (or vice versa).

I think maybe the top left (top down) background may be incorrectly orientated. How do I rectify this?




Check out this thread for alignment:

Also, check out issue #8 below

Best of Luck!


Yet again you guys have been a great help!

Another quick question.
I am trying to replicate the axis as displayed in most of these tutorials but as soon as I amend this in any of the view-ports the background disappears (because I have moved from the pre-defined axis - as I have learned).

How do I swap the axis around the match the ones in the tutorials without loosing my background image?
Also, to help you guys with my queries I would very much like to include some screenshots in any later posts. How do I add a screen to my posts?

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