Modeling a car from photos

Hello everyone,

I’m kinda new to 3D modeling but I already modeled two cars from blueprints and I managed to succesfully print them with (which is my goal). The only things I want to model and to print are the car body, i’m not interested to modeling car interiors, wheels and very tiny details.

As I said, I already successed to do what I wanted to achive from blueprints, but I’m also interested to create cars where blueprints are unavailable.

For example, how can I be able to modeling the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR, but there isn’t any blueprints. Here are for example some photos of the car we can find on Google:

I saw online there is an old Autodesk program named ImageModeler which could be useful, but I don’t have 3DS max and I would be happy to stay on Blender. Do you guys could you help me to understand how would I be able to model this car?

Many thanks for your help,