Modeling a Cathedral's Vaulted Ceiling?

I know there’s a script here in the forums that makes vaulted ceilings for me, and I’ve used it, but I want to know if there’s any good tutorials on a method of creating them by hand. I’m pretty stuck.

'the vaulted arch celing are not an easy task
i’m working on a cathedral and there is no automatical way to produce them

the scri[pt Vault1.6 i think ) will give you the shape of the vault and that’s very usefull to have that
after that you got to create your own stone that will fit that shape
i’ll give some examples of what i did up to now

old cathedrale include lot’s of details like vaulted arches ceiling
but also arch windows - doors- main entry with multi layer arches
stainless glass - stone columns - see pic’s

thre is the masonnery script to hel make straight wall
but all the stone are falt faces so it does not look like reel stone faces but thtat’s a small detail!

but let;s be realist it’s a tedious work but that’s 3 D modelling you need patience and owrk
and one day you get the final results function of the work you did - blender has the tools to allow you to do it !

Good Luck

there is also a scritp to make a vaulted ceiling explode

if you’r interested i’ll give you the site

it has the advantage of having a stone vaulted dome already done
but the size of stone are fixed so may not be that much usefull!
and here some site you can check for more details
Gothic vault