Modeling a chair - PLZ HELP

Hi everyone. I am learning to model 3d at school and i am having an exam in friday. I want to know how can i do the part where you sit of this chair - Plz tell me how to model that part and which techniques to use. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d use a lattice if I were you. That way you get nice, smooth, uniform deformation of you base shape.

Thanks a lot :D. Is there any other technique i can use other than lattice?

apply a multires, than sculpt with mirror on.

You could start with a plane. subdivide it a few times. Then press Alt+O to grab with a field of influence which you can adjust with the scrollwheel. grab a vertex or a few and other not selected will move along with them but not 100% which can give smooth curves.

Ok thanks a lot :smiley:

Or subdivide a bit and add a subsurf modifier and pull some verticies around. That’s what I did for mine.

well guys i’m a total noob in blender and i am not really getting there :(. Any other advice?

Is this what you need? all i did was subdivide and use proportional editing tool (O-Key)


CHAIR.blend (390 KB)

It’s not exactly like the image i sent, but it’s close. Thanks :smiley:

This looks like a good subject for an exam. IMO this requires the student to gain a good understanding of edgeflow.

It’s important to remember that the basic shape of the seat isn’t a square but rather a diamond type shape. Therefore the shape that you start with should be a diamond.

Here is how I would do the seat part of the chair.

I hope this helps.

OMG thank you so much!!! That helps a LOT!!! :smiley:

Hum… How do you use the snap type (the keyboard shortcut) plz? Thanks again :smiley:

CTRL + SHIFT + TAB brings up that little box with the snap type and holding down CTRL will allow you to snap to the selection type vertex, face, increment, etc.

Thanks again :smiley: