Modeling a Character

Ok - I need help with modeling a character. I know all the basic stuff, but where do i start in the modeling - trunk, face, mouth, ect.? I would really appreciate some help.
Then, once i model it, how do i make it “realistic”? Should i use the sculpt tool for the final touches?
Thanks alot!!

On my internet searches, i ran into this character modelling tutorial :

It’s obviously for maya, but it is applicable in Blender and look like a really great way to make a character.

Sculpting a base character you made by regular modelling is great to give it finer details.

Thank you very much for the reply - I will give that tut a shot :smiley:

If you are looking for a human character here is very nice book tutorial: (on the bottom of the page are 2 links to the tutorials)