Modeling a city...need help

Hi guys, ive given this a lot of thought and i cant seem to find a real solution to the problem. see, i want to model my own city. Time isnt a problem. i actually enjoy going slow, because i want it to be done right. but the problem is that modeling streets that are not straight lines can prove a task.

is there any particular method to making a city based on the real city? i want it to be as close to the real thing as possible. this will be a huge project that i will be working on. once i have a nice layout to the city i might make it an open project for people to help. i dont want to get peoples hopes up and not go though with it.

making the streets is concerning me. like merging the streets, smooth corners and streets splitting. modeling out buildings isnt a problem. that just takes time, but the layout is the biggest problem here. sorry for asking the same thing over and over its troubling me. ive always been able to get around this but im stumped on this one.



what i did was piece together in the Gimp some screenshots of a google map of my city(when i was in springfield, mo) and then used that as a background in blender. i then picked a starting point and using a single plane began extruding out edges to follow the streets(adjusting vertices as i went along). it will take you a while but the scale should be pretty close to dead-on. when you finish you’ll have a single object for your streets.

i thought of doing that. but my city there is a lot of trees where some streets might be a little tough to do. also, i wanted elevation to be thought of as well. like freeways, and bridges. yaknow?

can’t help with the trees - just guestimate.

for elevations, i took care of that afterword from memory. but if you are in doubt, lay out all the streets and let them overlap. after that, raise and lower your major busy streets and intersections using elevation maps for your town and fill in the blanks with the side streets. no need to be exactly precise in the drafting stage - just get averages for now. if a main street through town only changes about 10ft in elevation from one end to the other, i would call that pretty flat. 50ft difference from one block to the next - get out of San Francisco.