modeling a couch

how would i go about modeling a couch with the indents like this chair has?

if just the indents, i can help. if you want the folds as well, send me a close up detail of the folds.


i looked that forum last night and still don’t under stand how you can do that even with b mesh?

here is another reference of what iam trying to do

need closeup detail of folds

I subdivided a plane several times and selected 9 vertices as well as the outer edges of the plane and assigned this to a vertex group. Then in the cloth simulator I used pinning with this vertex group. After tweaking the stiffness settings a few times and playing the simulation I reached a decent result. As the pinned vertices hadn’t moved and the rest of the mesh had fallen due to gravity, I applied the cloth simulation in the modifier tab and just scaled the whole mesh along the Z axis by -1. Then I added edge loops to “push” parts of the mesh closer to each other in order to achieve that folded effect. I admit it is a little mediocre, but I hope you can get a decent result with yours.