Modeling a Electronic Sign like a blimp Billboard

I am trying animate an electronic sign (like a blimp billboard), in which the text moves across the sign. I was trying to do it with UVmap animation, but I have not been able to work it out so far (I am pretty knew to blender). I seem to remember a tutorial on making a Text map look like an electronic sign, but I cannot find it anymore. I would just settle for getting any kind of text to animate a billboard.

You could create an image file (.jpg, .png) with what you want to put on the sign, and use it as an image texture on your sign object. You may want to set the image texture to Clip (under Texture Panel > Image Buttons). To scroll the text, first adjust the size of the texture so it is bigger (or at least longer) than your sign (Material Panel > Map Input buttons, set the Sizes). Then use a Material Ipo to animate the image texture (e.g., the x-offset curve, named OfsX). If you use a .png with an alpha channel, you can make the background transparent to let the sign show through the empty spots of your image. (Enable this with UseAlpha in the Image Buttons). I’m a bit of noob myslef, but I’ve done all the above before except using the Ofs to animate an image (though I have used it to animate procedural textures).

You should do it with the Halo material. It is explained at: