modeling a face and chest

i need a little help with a ongoing project of a human head and chest like a bust.
im stuck on sculpting the face and the chest features i have the head modeled.
it could be either female or male haven’t decided yet.
anyone tutorial videos will suffice but i really would like a “expert sculptor” with this project.
i plan on putting it in a portfolio or other means of showing it off.
if anyone can help me with this your name will be on top

ldh i really wasnt hoping for vids to teach me but thank you. i was hoping that someone would talk me through the process cause the only thing that is killing me is the eyes and the nose

Surely a video is someone talking you through the process…?

The videos recommended to you are excellent and well worth watching

see ive done all the video and all they end up doing is confusing me. well i have a update to give all… i have the eyes done as well as the mouth. now the only thing giving me a hard time is the nose.

ok ive got all the sculpting done and now the problem im having is it looks like crap when i render it lol HELP!!!

making a good skin material is very difficult, and in most cases it’s a good idea to learn UV mapping. there can be other issues to, with normals for example, or lighting. a render would help us narrow down what issues need to be addressed.

ok im posting this in work in progress