modeling a face of character for animation

Hi everyone. I’m trying to create my first animation. And I stuck on one problem.
The problem that I’m trying to create a simple character, with simple face characteristic, Ideally just big eyes and mouth. And If it was just 2D animation I can do that, to express simple emotions(like animations with stick mans). But since I’m trying to create 3D, the model look bad, nose is pop out almost automatically as soon I create eyes. And after I fix all the problems, model look to realistic, it is suppose to be more cartoonist style. I watch tons of art works, comics, caricatures, but as soon I try to model it get back to realistic.:no:
So how to make character look more cartoon style? And how can I simplify the face of a character(like for an example don’t make a nose or cheeks), is it possible, or what is your suggestions?