Modeling a fence following a hilly, undulating ground

Hello everyone,

I am modeling a building and I intend to circle it with a fence. But the ground isn’t flat and the fence is not supposed to be orthogonal, which make the modeling much harder. So I was wondering: is it possible to create a horizontal, straight fence, then to parent it to some kind of a spine allowing me to easily place the spine according to the rolling ground? Or is there a better way to proceed for this kind of object?

Tell me if you need precisions (I’m far from being a good English speaker, and I am a beginner in CGI, hence the difficulty for me to describe clearly what I seek :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help

find the script call Drop to ground
it might help do what you want

happy bl

I think you can duplicate and separate an edge of the hill so
you can then convert it to a curve and use it with the curve modifier.

Could try dupliverts, shrinkwrap, apply, skin… this!
Fence.blend (86.7 KB)

You can also use the “rotate” checkbox on the dupliverts, but then the crossbars get more fiddly to place.

It’s possible

Made this one with curve draw to freehand draw the curve on the ground. Could also do it with a curve, shrinkwrap modifier, and converting to mesh and back to curve.

Vertical pillars used frame duplication and a limit rotation constraint to make them stay upright. They were set to follow the curve from path animation settings.
Also made two duplicates of the pillar object and changed one to be one face at the top of each pillar, and the other duplicate was to set two small faces on each side of that. The first object was made real, joined, and used bridge edge loops to create the horizontal planks. Also made the small faces real, joined, shrinkwrap to put them on the planks, and used face duplication to put nail holes at each end as a floating geometry.

Wow, thank you very much for all your replies! I don’t know anything about Dupliverts, shrinkwrap, but I’ll dive into it

(I tried to add the script “Drop to ground” to Blender, but it did not work. Here is the message I get in Blender when trying to tick the box of the script in the Add-on preferences)

I’ll check your other suggestions as soon as possible. Thanks again!