modeling a fireball?

(msdawy) #1

Good Evening…
i am trying to make a clone of this fire ball (from super mario rpg, btw :smiley: ) (plz copy and paste the following url to the address bar! won’t work if u click on it!!)
i see there is a sphere inside, and the eyes are easy too, but, how can i make the surrounding flames??
thank you very much in advance…

(bob_dog) #2

Well, you are going to want to use particles, but that gif is so small, it’s hard to see just what you want to do.

(S68) #3

If it is something like these it is pretty simple…

…tell me if you need step-by-step instructions


(JD-multi) #4

Cool I wanna know how you made that becauce I tried but I always see particels and never see real smoke or fire so Please tell me I’ll be very happy or make a tutorial :smiley:

(theeth) #5

you could also have a look at SysAdm’s effects page:


(S68) #6

I KNEW I’ve forgotten someone in the TUT listing above

/me adds SysAdmin :slight_smile: