Modeling a Folded Textured Pad

I’m trying to fold over this textured, circle pad but am getting artifacts. I successfully folded over a square with a curve modifier, and solidify to add thickness. However, when I try to fold over a circle it goes crazy. I’ve tried various methods of adding geometry to the circle so it had points to help with the curve modifier but that didn’t work.

I thought making the square, then doing a boolean shape with a circle might work, but that also failed, at least the way I tried it.

So far, the flattened pad, and folded over square look right, but how to I fold over a circle without the artifacts? Any thoughts?

Here’s an image with the various things I describe.

Is your circle with triangles? have you tried using the square and then adding vertices by subdividing (W-subdivide in edit mode) or adding some loop cuts (Ctrl+R in edit mode) and then shaping it like a circle? The circle might work better with square faces rather than triangle ones. Not too sure if that would help but lemme know!

Thank you for your reply! I remade a circle with straight, square lines, and it worked! I thought I had tried that already, but my lines were not straight.