modeling a fountain pen nib

My brother has a mont Blanc fountain pen, I can model the body, but when it comes to doing the nib, it is very hard to do. I tried to go to utube to find a tutorial, but to no avail. Does anyone out there know how to do a nip or direct me to a link. I have trouble curving the sides of the fountain nib.

just grag the center line and pull upwards with proportional editing turned on and the falloff set the spherical

I think you better show a picture of what’s going on, but I guess u just need more control on geometry, if so simply add more edge loops / subdivide until u can sculpt/grab out the forms you wish.

Model it flat, then use Curve Deform around a Bezier circle to deform it. Select the flat mesh, then Shift-select the curve. Hit Ctrl-P and select Curve Deform.
You’ll want to add a Solidify modifier to give it some thickness.

Steve S