modeling a frog

Hi There,

I’m trying to model a frog. As an exemaple i use this picture made by Modron:

How should i interpret the green lines? As vertices and edges? And if so, whats the matter with my model so far?

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Twan :smiley:


the green lines are the edges.

The start of your frog model look Ok. Keep on extruding those edges and faces and show us your complete frog.

If you want the lines to show up on a subdivided , you need to use the OPTIMAL button, I think thats what you are asking for, and if not, sorry for insulting your intelligence…

hi, i’ll see if i have any earlier versions of that frog that better show the construction method i used.

this was the earliest version i had,…but i wanted to show how i started him off, but i guess i’ll just have to tell you. he started as just extruding a cube, and scaling and rotating some of the edges, then i subsurfed him, and converted to mesh, which brought me nearly to what you see here. you can see, i then extruded the eyes, and pulled up an the vertices on the sides of his rear to get what you are seeing. I hope this helps, I wish i had saved him pre-subsurf.

Hey Thanx a lot you guys… Modron i’m very glad with your explanation and pictures…

But probably i need your help again in these coming days… :expressionless:

i sure will let you know how i finish this frog…

thanx again,

I’ll be glad to help, and i can put up the mesh too if you’d like.

here’s the model.

This models really helps a lot.

Should i first make the rough model, a cube, subdivide, tweak and then subsurf and then make a mesh? What is the mesh actually for?

But when i make a mesh out of the cube, i get a lot of vertices too many to handle. And your model doesnt have so many vertices.

mmm sounds all so simple %|

back to work…


i made a .blend that should give you the basic idea. it’s arranged in 3 scenes, each representing a phase of the modelling. just the main part of the body.