Modeling a Full body

I’ve been having trouble with making a full body in blender, I’m been at it for a few months now and i’m getting pretty good. My problem is I have trouble putting it all together x.x i can model the body and head good but only separately. When I try putting it together, it just doesn’t work. xP
So, does anybody know any good tuts or tell me how you go about modeling. Anything would be helpful ^^

I like the second reality tutorial:

It was done for MAX, but can be adapted. Now, I have to confess that for modeling I still use Silo. I hosted a bake-off which compared the Silo workflow to the Blender workflow. I did the silo step by step, which I posted on my website here:

Which probably won’t help you much. But the Blender version of it you can find in this thread:

Unfortunately, achrystie (the Blender guy) sort of dropped the ball… but you can ping him and ask him to finish his part… (in fact, I wish you would, because I think it was a great start, and he should finish it…)

Hope this helps.