Modeling a Gear with a Groove

Hi there… I have a question on modeling a gear. I was given an Illustrator file with a curve that I imported (after several tries) into Blender. This curve had the outer teeth and inner “hole” in it. It extruded up fine after converting it into a mesh. The faces, however, looked kind of jacked up when viewing them in Edit Mode, even after trying the Beauty Fill option a few times. This might not matter if I knew how to properly texture it.

But the bigger issue is: the gear needs a circular groove in it between the teeth and the inner hole. My thought was to use a cylinder with wall thickness and Boolean it out, but that didn’t work… in fact, I’ve had troubles getting Booleans to work on anything but Primitives. So now… looking at all those zig-zagged faces on the gear (the top, flat surface)… how in the world do i cut that up to make 2 perfect circles to extrude down? Should I just remodel it entirely a different way? I have to make the gear pretty close to exact on the shape and spacing of the teeth, so that it matches the graphic.

Thanks for anyone’s time to help me,

Best way is to model the profile of one tooth of the gear in a wedge shape down to the hole, like a pie slice, with a Mesh Object. Then use Spin or SpinDup to lathe a complete gear:

You’ll just have to first set the Number of Teeth as the Steps value to spin 360 deg. and second work out the exact angle of that one wedge so that the edges of each of those wedges are parallel to their neighbors. That way you can model the groove into the original wedge and it’ll lathe into all 360 deg. You can use the original curve as a guide for the modelling.