Modeling a glass with a liquid?

Getting ready for the next step in my project! - love you all and the community here!


I need to model the margarita glass and put a colored liquid in it. I need help doing this.


As in an actual moving fluid that you are going to animate?

If it’s just a still object, then just add an object that fits the glass (Triangle in this case).

  • Add a material
  • Enable Transparency, Raytrace
  • Up the translucency
    Play around with the values till you get something that looks like the liquid you’re after. Water? Orange Juice?

Know of any step by step tutorials of this?

If the liquid is static, it’s quite easy to do but not so easy to explain.

Because the liquid contacts the glass inside surface, it’s just a matter of duplicating the inside part of the glass which gives us the liquid outside surface. Just have to fill the top.

From left:

  • Starting point
  • making a loop cut (ctrl+r) where the liquid surface should be.
  • selecting an edge loop on top of that newly created loop cut and hiding it (H, alt+H to unhide). You can select an edge loop with alt(+shift)+RMB
  • now it’s easy to select the inside part (hover mouse cursor over and press L), duplicate it (shift+D), and
  • separate it as its own object with P -> separate selection. Switching to that new object, the top part has to be filled and easiest way of doing that is to select the edge loop that is the top edge, F to fill it with an ngon face, I to inset it.

Because your glass is tilted, it’s not over just yet.

The liquid outside surface has to follow the glass inside surface no matter what. There’s a modifier for that but not all vertices need to do that. To get the selection of vertices for it, a vertex group is needed

  • Doing the selection first: selecting everything at first (A), deselecting the edge loops inside (alt+shift+rmb) and deselecting with circle select (C, mmb)
  • Then in the object data properties (panel on the right) there’s a vertex group section. Add a new group and press ‘assign’ button

  • In the modifiers, add a shrinkwrap modifier, tell it that the target is the glass object, and also assign the vertex group that was just created
  • You can now switch to object mode and tilt both, go back to the liquid object, select the top vertices and rotate them ® so that they’re level.

JA12, I appreciate the help very much! You are great!