Modeling a gothic vault

Ive been trying to model a gothic vault for 3 days and I dont even know how to start it properly and Im getting frustrated. I know there are scripts but i dont know how to use them… If anyone can help me how to model this cross-ribbed vault Id really appreciate. Here are pics:

in 2.49 there is a script o make this shape

but don’t think it does the rib itself !

is this good for your model?

now did you check may be it has been proted to 2.6


Add cylinder mesh object

  • apply a solidify modifier on it
  • delete half lengthwise
  • Shift+D to duplicate it
  • position copy over original cylinder at 90 degree angle to it.

This is your basic dome before you add other parts and cut and model to desired final shape.

You can make cylinders somewhat more oval shaped profile for less spherical, taller dome also.

@RickyBlender: yes, I downloaded that scipt by Crouch but I dont know how to install it

@chip4brains: okay Ill try that

chip4brains I tried your way and realised I tried it before but thats not a good way because I cant get correct and good interval for ribs between 2 cilinders

I made a tutorial on it a while ago:

and this

I did not make a tut on how to make the cross ribs, but I may sometime. I’ve done it, and it’s tricky (crappy texturing, like I said it’s been a few years):

Sloppy combination of 1 bezier, 1 cylinder and array modifier. Some texturing probably needed.

Just idea…

YES! Thats it! Ive seen your work on turbosquid and on youtube and its great! thanks for the tut :wink: :yes:

Thanks. Ok, I figured out the rib part. Simple, just a little trick. If you make my vault in the tut, you can add ribs in a few minutes (plus unwrap and texturing). I’ll post a picture soon, and maybe a quick video tut.

I hav an idea. I just extrude edges where ribs should be and subdivide them and make them smoother… but Id like to see your way too

Well, “my way” just uses the existing geometry. Here’s a blend.

  1. I duped the left vault, and deleted all but the verts you see in #2.
  2. I converted the mesh into a curve (alt-c), then gave it a bevel obj (the third set of objects). Then I sized the bevel obj (you can make the bevel obj any profile, I just made a circle for the 5 minutes I spent).
  3. When I was happy with the size, I converted the now beveled curve back to a mesh (alt-C).
  4. I simply aligned the centers of the ribs and the vault, and duped the rib, rotaing it 90 degrees.
  5. I deleted some verts at the bottom, then extruded the last set of verts etc. You’ll get it from there.

The arches I create are based on real medieval architecture, and are not approximated. My file is quick, and not textured. Anywho, enjoy.

That’s it.


Vault-With-Ribs.blend (345 KB)

Thanks once again