Modeling a hair-like, tendril structure (image attached)


I’d like to scatter a hair-like structure with a sphere on top on some geometry (actually it’s mold, see below). I was thinking of using the hair system and then somhow (dupliverts?) placing a sphere on the tip of each hair. So far I haven’t got it to work, so I’d like to know if you have some suggestions.

I have to do a lot of these so a more or less procedural approach is preferred.



Well this was about 30 minutes of messing around with a hair system, pretty close I think. With a little more motivation I think it could be what you need. Modeled three “hairs” – an icopshere with an extruded pentagon at the bottom with 2-5 loops cuts for bending. Put them in a group, and made a Hair system with some random rotation. Spherical tops are glass 1.33, stems are 80/20 transparent/diffuse white. Let me know if you want the particle settings or the blend to mess with.

Hi, thanks for taking a time that already looks very good! I think I got you but if you would upload the blend that would be even better.

Here it is. The camera is too close with too small a focal length, so there’s some distortion which you can fix. Also I think I added a tiny bit of depth of field focused on an empty (the ref image had d.o.f. in it, don’t know if you want that) you can remove it if you want all the hairs “in focus”
Also the vertex group, used as the hair emitter, is a bit too large, you could reduce the verts and then reduce the number of hairs to speed things up a bit.

If I had to do it over, I would have added another hair or two to the group and really bent those ones way more. Also I think I would have made the base of the hairs thicker. As they are currently uniform all the way up. But you can change all that pretty easy.

It’s only 1 MB so I think I can just upload it here.
mold-23.blend (1.14 MB)