Modeling a hand for a human figure

I am just getting back into Blender after finishing my autumn 2022 semester for college. I am working on a model that I am working on just because I want to do it, and I am having trouble creating a hand for it. I already created a basic palm part, but I am having trouble subdividing the face to model the fingers. I tried subdividing it, but only the edges get subdivided, not the face itself.

Here is my file…
Human_figure.blend (864.8 KB)

hi, you will have to watch some tutorials before trying out to model all by yourself. you will learn alot that way. search how to model in youtube- theres many tutorials on this subject

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Hi, if I may advise, try creating a base character that you can then remake to suit yourself and you don’t have to recreate every character. Once you have the base, you can find the body parts on youtube.

Here’s a video:

It’s a big problem to find the complete body creation on youtube. I had a lot of trouble with that too. It takes a while to get the hang of it

Follow this: