Modeling a helicopter

well i started to model an helicopter
but , i am stuck . well what should i do next ?

or did i start modeling the wrong way ?

here is the blend file

and i took the blue prints from here

please advise


airwolf.blend (135 KB)

You are on the right track.

One suggestion, try modelling without the subsurf so you can clearly see your topology.

You have very good blueprints, so just try to match your verts with the sketch. Connect the dots sort of :slight_smile:

I guess the thing is to keep going. Save a copy of this file so if you goof up you can revert to this one. Yeah just keep modelling, you can’t break it! And if it seems like you just don’t know what to do and that you just can’t model, remember that all of us Blender users were once at that point (and many still are) and just the more modelling you do, the better you get.

Hope this helps.

hey thank you , its good to know i am at the right way

you mention modeling without subserf
so i find it confusing because when a mesh fits the blueprints without subserf
it will not match the blueprints with subsurf :slight_smile:
what do i do then ,it cound mass out the mesh


just continue modeling one side, then you can mirror, but the nose looks to pointy

I dont wanna be harsh, yes your on a nice track.
But its pretty simple right now.
Not any detail at all.
I don’t know if your doing this already but line up your pictures so you can use themm in viewport.
One for front and side.
It helps, and yeah.
MirrorMod is great.
Study the shape and flow of the blueprints, implement them in the mesh.
Good luck.

thank you i guess it dose not have the final shape yet
ill keep playing with it :slight_smile: