modeling a helicopter

hey guys i wanted to model a helicopter used in JP and i wanted know if im using to many or too little vertices or anything i could do to fix it up a little, i just started but feedback is always appreciated


IMO its good start… One thing at first - upper part of copter is as far as i can see - flat, so as long as you have extruded cube it could be hard to create…

And try using subSurf.

Otherwise, i’ll be definitly wathing it’s progress : )

Cheers :wink:

well quite honestly i don’t see many pollies at all. once you add detail, however, it’ll mount up, so keep it down for the moment. (obviously it depends on your specs.)

I’ve always been about half obsessed with helicopters and octopuses for some reason, so your post made me remember this conversation about swashplates, and I thought it would be something fun to do. Maybe you might be able to use it, too: