Modeling a Human - Man, this is frustrating!

It doesn’t really seem like you are receptive to ideas…so why did you bother to post something here? People are just trying to be helpful. Good luck in your quest.

Is that face really what you were going for? I know we artists have a habit of getting close to our creations, but really, calpgrmr, that face is one only a mother could love.
Look, you want to do a simple face, you need a simple head to put it on. That’s the first thing you need a reference for. Posting an anatomy diagram of the digestive system and a head shot of a disney dwarf seems to be disrepectful to all the concerned people who’ve given you what looks like very good advice.
Earlier, you said you were looking for Tame Your Dragon simple. So, google 'How to tame your dragon characters" and go to images, you’ll get 20 or 30 images of Hiccup in the first page or two. Simply looking at those images, looking at the shape of Hiccup’s head, will show you, or should show you, what sort of shape you need to start with. Hint: it’s NOT a sphere.
This is the support: modeling forum. We expect people who post here are looking for advice about modeling, you seem like you simply want to vent. I get it. Venting is fine, and sometimes necessary, but find a more appropriate place to post it.

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Thanks, Orinoco,

I’ll use the “Artwork” or “General” forums next time.

I guess I didn’t notice that I was in “Support”, very sorry. Won’t happen again. :wink:

Now I know why my attempts at humor were just making people mad