Modeling a Katana

I tried to model katana-style sword from League of Legends(Yasuos sword btw :wink: )
and got this far:

Now i dont know how to model the straps around the handle(every katana and some other swords have those)
I guess a texture would be a lot easier,but it wont look as good as modelled and im not so good with textures.
Is there a tutorial or a quick tipp how to do this ? Havent found anything yet

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your link is probably broken. update your original post and Ill take a look and give you some tips on modeling the strap :wink:

Not sure why it broke o.O

Not sure if your sword is modeled after a real object but in real life cord bound handles have to be parallel from hilt to pommel for the cord not to work loose. You have a very great difference in angle. Naturally when modeling it you could just make the cord thicker on one side of the handle than the other but that’s going to be really difficult and also unrealistic. Just FYI before I offer any modeling techniques…

One way to model a strap around the handle is to use Shrink wrap modifier with Solidify modifier. Here is tutorial:

prime8brain suggests arraying a single “weave” along a path and afterwards converting to a mesh in his thread here. Looks promising…

Thanks a lot,i will try some stuff and tell you if it worked :wink:
Found a tutorial which could work nicely

someone recently made a “Celtic knot” addon (its here somewhere but I’m not at my pc sorry)
not sure if it will help you but it might!!