Modeling a low-poly, textured...blanket?

yep, title says it all :slight_smile:
Any suggestions? (I can get textures, just the modeling part)

Add mesh/plane. Subdivide from the toolshelf, in the operator panel or F6 use put in something like 12 (or fewer depending on how low poly you want to be) cuts, low fractal and high smoothness, along normal of 1 unless you want ragged edge. you will have to smooth shade it and maybe add subdivision depending on your goals.

If you remember campaigning in blankets with your toy soldiers you will of course realize that this is also the way to make terrains easily.

Thanks for the reply. The subdivision surface is great, but the problem is the poly-count. I have a hunch that if I triangulate the mesh it will make it less polygons or easier for the computer to handle?
Yep, in fact, thatโ€™s how I generally did terrains before the ANT terrain generator came along (or at least until I found out about it)
In a short story, I think that using maps (displacement,normal) will be best. Your ideas?