Modeling a mobius-like band


I’m new to the Blender nation. I have 10+ years experience with AutoCAD and am really interested in learning more about the 3D game… and man did I give myself a doozie of a first project.

I began a media company and would like to build a 3d model of my logo to use in video pieces. I have included an image of the logo below

The logo is a bit of an optical illusion and I think there are a couple of tasks that are challenging for me to complete without some input from an experienced modeler.

Question 1. How would you go about modeling a band that is both curved and twisted in this fashion? My attempts with extrude were not fruitful to date.

Question 2: The real shape of this object may be a bit stranger in the real world than it appears in 2D. Is it realistic to expect the outer edge of the mobius to be circular when you look at the model head on?

Thanks for your time,


did you try to extrude a curve
but need to add a lot of points if usng poly but can be done also with bezier

and make the bevel one flat
i did one in 2 minutes but does not looks very nice i would need to add a lot of points to refine the shape

but seen to work with bezier

it’s just a matter of dong the proper shape here


Since the form seems to have lots of symmetries (mostly mirrored as well), I’d probably start with a flat strip and use proportional editing to model a quarter segment, dupe and join that to create front & back surfaces, then bridge the edges of the surfaces with faces for the rim surface. Dupe this with mirrored symmetry to make a bottom half, then dupe that with mirror symmetry for the top half.

Since it seems to be composed of two twisted S-curves, you’d be better off working in orthographic view to get the face-on look nailed, since perspective view would not preserve the visual symmetry because the model will likely have substantial depth.

Lighting will also be a major problem, since I don’t think you’ll be able to get that perfect highlight symmetry with Lamps, plus the rear-surface concave curve will also show a highlight. Materials could be a solution for that as long as you use only the face-on ortho view.

Any change from the face-on view will affect the appearance substantially, BTW, since the shape is pretty complex and only appears simple in the flattened non-perspective face-on view.

The shading of the thin torus around the twisted shape will probably need to be done with Materials, as that kind of shadow/highlight structure is not at all natural for that kind of shape.

Probably not much help. Yet after you have done your mobius strip, try one of these, it will drive edit you nuts!