Modeling a pile of debris

I need to create a huge pile of debris. I already modeled 6 different objects to use as debris.

Duplicating and aligning the debris objects by hand would be madness, it will look crap and take long time.

Is it possible to automatically create a number of linked duplicates, give them random position and velocity and make them fall as rigid bodies into the pile?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you made it with textures?

You could always try the heaper script.

Heap script is the way to go. :yes:

I also have a project that includes debris (from the slobs that make up the majority of my characters). That “heap script” sounds like a good idea to me.

Where is this heap script? I have the 2.49 version of Blender. I don’t recall seeing this script in the py files folder.

here is something to try out… add a cube, subdivide it twice and move vertices to get some sort of ‘relaxed’ cube… duplicate the cube 15 times or so… you could maybe scale and rotate the duplicates as you’re doing it…
then join them all together, add a displacement modifier with a clouds texture…