Modeling a plant

Looking for ideas to model this plant, for placing the leaves. I have tried instantiating them, particle systems, and arraying along a curve. Also I am wondering if anyone knows the name of this plant.


EDIT: this is what I have so far:


Is that an august lilly, or something related? That’s what I found after some quick google searches, although I’m unable to find another example with yellow bordered leaves.

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Should be Plantain lily I guess. :blush:
If I’m not mistaken, the “versions” are “variegata” in latin, like spotted leaves. Monstera is usually the big, benjamina is the small variationa I guess? :grin:

I am not that much into geo nodes, but is can be distributed from certain spots I believe, from where the leaves naturally stem. Maybe with vertex paint mask, or so. There may be multiple solutions.

What do you think? :blush:

That’s the thing I don’t know… What did you search for? I couldn’t think of how to search.

So your suggesting that I make a circle or something for the base area and propagate them from that with geometry nodes? I am very new to geometry nodes. I may just place them by hand.

I am new too, so don’t want to give you the impression of a solution here :smile: by the time I got into it, the new version changed it again :sweat_smile:

I will try to look into it and reach back if I find something convincing :blush:

Yeah, I think its also called a “Hosta”. After searching…

try geonodes its great for this type of thing, this should give you a start, plug your object in instead of the curve line and maybe add some random value to the z rotation…

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OK, but how do I make each instance individual so that I can rotate it?

You dont, fields does.

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I don’t really understand, but having a random rotation will not suffice, as these leaves grow around the stem with the flower. What do you mean by “fields does”? If I can limit the rotation to some numbers maybe that would work… Thanks for the ideas.

Fields is a concept in geonodes for the way they handle things like rotations, positions and scaling etc.

You can limit numbers with maprange.

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It seems that I cannot manually set the individual stem rotations but with a random input It will randomly adjust the rotation per stem. I think this is what you mean by fields. I tried to make a six sided circle at each point to group some stems together but I am still running into the problem that I cannot get the stems to point away from the center.

One way to solve that is to use the normals of something else.

Have a look file here, (679.7 KB)

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I think I am making progress. Added a bevel modifier set to vert- increased verts, applied modifier, arranged verts, realized instances, applied geometry nodes, moved the stems around so that they were not intersecting…Not very programmatic but closer to done. I have a lot of trouble with that type of thinking.