Modeling a realistic pencil: cuts and notchs

Dear Blender guru,

I want to make a model of realistic pencil. The basic shape I made quite easy. But what is the best way to add cuts and notchs (see my basics shape and the reference in the attachment)?


The cuts are fairly easy. Just take a few edges here and there and slide them closer together. For the notches, they are such a fine detail that unless you are going to be super zoomed in close to where it would be almost a crater, you can skip modeling it and simply do it in texturing.

Thanks for ideas! What kind of operations do you recommend for cuts: a) select several edges and scale; b) select several edges and rotate; c) select several edges and move alone normal; d) select several edges and slide them?

About notchs I am thinking about bump map texture…

Use Blender sculpting to model knife carved pencil tip. Go from hex cylinder, sub divide it, sculpt the dents, and finally decimate the mesh:

@ridix Thanks for the sculpting idea! I thought to use a sculpting, it is a really good tool. But I don’t like a topology of the result. As far as I know most of the 3D artists do a retopology after the sculpting. For this simple mesh sculpting + retopology is quite long workflow. May be I am not right.

@see360 Wonderful wood material, thanks a lot! It is a really cool scratches along z-axis. How did you place it along z-axis? Is it a ‘scale’ parameter in the ‘Mapping’ node?

Yes, the scale parameter along the length of the pencil in the mapping node (which comes off the “Object” texture coordinate) is 0.1, effectively making it stretch 10 times longer in that direction. There is also a particle system (300 particles) that plays a minor role in helping to create the illusion, because it breaks up the smooth outline of the wood along the edges.