Modeling a retro sci-fi laser gun in Blender 2.9 | Beginner tutorial

Just finished another tutorial.
Hopefully it’s going to be helpful and not too difficult for beginners :slight_smile:

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It’s hard not to love your tutorials! You make modeling look really fun, a 20 min tutorial is usually very boring yet it felt like 5 min long, just amazing! I wish you would have about 100 of these already :smiley:

And please make some about materials, nodes, textures and lighting, they seem the most complex part of modeling so far, even the nicest model can look bad without a proper setup.

Hey Blutag,

thank you for sharing the feedback! I’m really happy to know you enjoy my tutorials :wink: More are on the way!
In fact I’ve just released one with some node-based procedural materials.