Modeling a roof hangover

I just started using Blender and now I definitely need some help. I watched some tutorials now and I can create models in their rough shape. But when it goes to detail and texturing I don’t know what to do. I want to build an house (nothing special, just four walls and a slanted roof (like this one: My question is: How can I create the hangover from the roof, because when I extrude the region which shall hang over, it would never build a straight region with the rest of the roof.
Thanks for help.

PS: Sorry for my english, I’m from Germany.

use a double array to do it

make one tile piece rotate it a little so one end i over the other end
and then use array to make a line of tiles
then apply it or re apply a new array to have several rows of tile

it should work fine

here a file that was given before

to get rid on black spots you may ahve to re calculate thenormal and then apply and edge split modifier to it


Thanks for the quick help. I’m going to try it now.

Trick to extruding faces normal to starting face is to pick Pivot setting at Individual Center. And, use Individual Faces to Extrude.

Image below shows object axis not normal to roof surface. No matter, if I extrude selected faces now it extrude normal to the roof and not on one of the major object axis shown. Note that if you extrude multiple individual faces that is located side by side all at once, it is going to create extra faces between the faces. So you do need to “Remove Double” afterwards.


Thank you, this is exactly what i wanted to know. But I have another problem. I build a house like that
I take a cube. Then I select the top face and extrude it. Then I merge the vertices at center so that a slanted roof arise. Then I take the two roof faces and extrude them. And know I have a problem. I want to extrude the face I created with the last step to build a roof overhang. But this face is parallel to the z axis. If I extrude it now like you said, it s going to be parallel to the x axis. But this is not what I want.
I hope this is comprehensible and makes sense.