Modeling a Rose

While viewing the thread ‘Valentine Card-Now with Tutorial’ the pictures are not loading and I am wondering if there are any tutorials with pictures for modeling a rose?

Never Mind I realised I am behind a firewall that blocks online storage site access and will try on another computer.

Thanks Syziph but that is the thread I was talking about. Because of Firewall settings I cannot access ‘Online Storage’ sites and will access the thread on my network at home.

Sorry, I didn’t read the question correctly!
If you still have problems - here is another link to the tutorial:
I tried modeling the rose blossom myself (not exactly following that tutorial but it’s good for practice :slight_smile: )


The only problem I have is the beginning with the short spin curve(The pic is small). I am on 2.47.
BTW: the rose looks nice

Here is my workflow:

  1. Start outlining the leves in top view - simple polylines (vertex extrude, vertex duplication)
  2. Select the verices and edge extrude down - (repeat coulpe of times or subdivide multi)
  3. Start shaping the blossom (proportional editing different falloff types, sculpting)
  4. For leaves thickness use Solidify Selection script.

Here are some references:


A good top and front reference: