Modeling a sci-fi interior?

Hey guys!

I’ve just spent the last 2 hours digging through the net trying to find any good tutorials of how to best approach modeling a level, I’m trying to create a sci-fi alien building but have absolutely no clue where to start, like should i lay out the floor first or make a 3d pallet and attach them in a grid like manner? I could find a bunch of stuff on the psychology of level design but nothing about actually building it, so i thought i’d ask the best source for game dev info on the net :slight_smile: So does anyone here have any tutorials, or even some tips? anything would be wonderful at this point! Thanks!

I do not think there is a best way. It is up to yo what you want.

Dependent on the size I suggest to start with a sketch. That enables you to plan your level without to much work (and loosing to much work when you redesign at that phase). When you happy with your plan you can proceed and detail, by cutting it into smaller parts. That can be sketches either. Do that until you think you can start modelling.

Start with the big parts (surrounding, ground etc.) without to much details. Use placeholders to transfer your ideas from sketch to the model. The sketches should show you what you need.

It makes no sense to spend a week on a model and later you have to deside not to use it because it does not fit into the level. The sketches also show you how much work you have to do. Just count the models you need to create.

Just my thoughts.

Indeed, planning will get you do the hard work on the paper. For my sci fi buildings, I make 2 or three meshes:
The exterior, the simpler mesh, with the entrances, the windows and other detail, is mostly texture (depending on the size of the building).
The interior,floors, flats, rooms, etc. are separate meshes, the levels mesh spawned as the player enters the building, the flats are spawned as the player reaches a level.
Elevators or other features. All mobile parts are parented to the floors mesh.

I use this method in order to have big cities. But now with Social’s KD-tree, you can make your buildings the same way, only you join all the parts together…

You must know that there’s no ‘right’ way of doing one thing, the results you want determine the way you’ll work, thus the method. Most artists end up developing their own methods after trial and error!

You might find it helpful to read my concepting tutorial. It’s not about level design, but the principles it teaches can be applied to anything.