Modeling a simple and stylish shape please help

Hi there!

I am trying to design a shape for a real life industrial product. I need to build it fast and make a very simple render (like SketchUp) would be good.

Please have a look at attached JPG and guide me through the best method. I would really appreciate it!
Ideally I would be able to play around with the shape to get the desired ‘Stylish’ result.


Please help me! deadline soon…

Come on… someone help me please:(

These two practically same pillows were made using different approaches.

.blend file

Look into the modifier tab to see how they were constructed. Play with the settings and see what happens.

to have better control over roundness
you could use a Nurb surface for 1/2 top then to mesh and use mirror !

could also sub then use lattice

more then one way to do it

more then one way to do it

happy cl