Modeling a Skull?

I am just curious, but how is the best way to model a skull?

Which ways you know?:slight_smile:

The easiest but not for realistic look is - starting from your head model. Just delete the eyes and faces around the eyes, nose and mouth. Place some teeth, and shape all a bit. You’ll get some basic skull look.

I’ll admit I think your question is really broad. Almost as broad as “How do you use blender”
but I’m a nice guy so here goes
i would make a cube add multires up to 8 levels
and use sculpt mode and start molding
in the 3d window select the dropdown menu Sculpt
and select partial redraw this will help your computer to take the
hit of a large vertex mesh
you can also add a brush texture
select brush tab on your buttons window
and select new
then select the material make sure you have a material on the object
then selec the texture button
then select the texture from the list of textures
then change it to noise or clouds
go back to sculpting and you will paint sculpt with that texture and create bumps
change the angle to like 200 to make it look more detailed when your done
save as is and save a new file and apply the multires to your mesh permanently
saves memory