Modeling a Spaceship for Book Cover | Uchuu Senkan Absalon

So, I decided to jump into Blender for modeling a space battleship, my very own Absalon model. I take inspiration from the Space Battleship Yamato anime series, and I want to try something that’s based on the Japanese ship for my book and fan fiction of the same name.

What do you guys think of the model so far? Is it good enough to be considered detail ready? I’ll finish the base modeling before I do any retopology and sculpting on the ship, and then it’ll be off to add jets and effects to the scene, to make it more interesting! That might take a while, but whatever!

Let me know what you think, artists! Any work that need to be done before any of the other stuff? Thank you, and enjoy while I model the spaceship!

Until the next update!


Looks ready to go, Daniel. Go nuts! :slight_smile:
Will be watching for updates.

When I looked at it, I think it needs some Subdivision surface modifier and some other things before doing any other detailing. I’ll think of it tomorrow before continuing with the ship model. Ships take time, don’t they?

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The adding of subdiv is part of the detailing so you are on track. :slight_smile:

Just been following a blueprint on a jet fighter I’ll be adding to my Absalon scene once the battleship is finished. I need to do the cockpit of this jet, so does anyone have tips on how to do it? It would be helpful to have this jet model done beforehand.

Let me know on how I can do the cockpit. Thank you in advance for seeing my progress, artists!

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Still working on the battleship. I just started from scratch since realizing ship hulls are one piece as a whole. What do you guys think of it? Is the model a little better than the beginning of it?

Of course, still a little inspiration from Space Battleship Yamato. Let me know what you guys want to give of your opinions on the ship model. Am I making it correctly? Is there something I need to change, or make modifications to it? Let me know, thanks!

Still working on it. I’ve just been modeling it from scratch again. I like it more now, it feels a little more “complete” in the base modeling. Where do I go from the engine that I want here to connect to the main ship? Do I CTRL+J for this? Or what?

Here’s the main battleship:

What do you guys think of it so far? Is it good? I’m planning on drawing instead of UV unwrap the textures of the ship. Let me know what you all think of its shape!

This is looking good I think.
My first step is always collecting a ton of reference images. I’m sure you’re a fan of the series, but don’t trust your memory alone. Keep looking at things for inspiration.
I just went to YouTube and watched this

Here’s one on the original Yamato. It shows a lot of detail that might be useful.

I am very curious how are you going to add the details. Perhaps you could jump exploring these new geometry nodes, though not finished yet, but at least the most basic features are provided.

I looked at a couple of reference images of the Yamato spaceship; I’m not adding all of the details to my own ship, as I want it to look original on how I want my country’s “Absalon” frigate to look like in space.