Modeling a Speakermembran

Hey guys,
I´ve got a question:

How can i model a speakerboxmembran??
I just don´t have any idea how to model it ?(

here is a pic of the basic shape of the speakerbox.

Thx 4 replies


I am not a big speaker guy, is the membrane you are asking about the cone shaped paper that extends from the magnet of the speaker?

why i when i want to model it??

The grille? The cone? The driver frame and magnet? The surround? The whole speaker assembly?

Anyone speak German?

For the voicecoil dust cap (the “dome”) just squish a sphere and cut off the bottom. For the cone, make a CurveCircle, toggle on 3D mode, bevel it some, then select all control points and press t and roll the mouse to make a conical shape of whatever depth, finally for the surround you can do it via a NURBS torus or skinning a CurveCircle with another CurveCircle…

If you get this far, we’ll worry about the spyder and magnet…

edit: Here’s a 2 minute example to give you your own ideas…

well i want to model this whole membran
By the way i´m german^^

Id probably use bezier modelling to get the shape . or do the cross section in mesh modeling then spin it. For the screws you could just use a nor map

:smiley: Did you even look at the .blend I put up for you? It has all the parts that you’d see from outside a speaker cabinet… no magnet or spyder basket, no need to anyway… see if you can modify that or if nothing else use it as an idea template. (psst! subsurf it, it’s really low detail.)

i´m Sorry!!
i just thought you have made something different…

I´ll download it now, and thx for your help^^

i´ve downloaded it now, thx for that blend.-file!! :slight_smile:

The biggest german Blender community i know can be found at so maybe give it a try there if you’re struggling with your english skills. Just a hint - no offense.