modeling a stadium

I’m new to Blender… (and I mean fresh new). I’ve pretty much got the whole interface “holy crap” past me, now I need to start modeling. I’ve always wanted to model a football (soccer) stadium. Anyone got any tips on where should I start? Is it too tough a project for an amateur?

yeahhhh i think it’s pretty cool as a project for you …coz there’s no more complex shapes etc …so i think it’s good …first you google it and find some pics and creat a rough idea…then you can build up …any further help contact me …me also a noob though :wink:

it depends on how detailed you want go about it, It doesn’t seem to hard, but I don’t know exactly. You should look into the array modifer,

I’ve done a stadium before, it really does depend on how detailed you want to go as to how hard it is, but as long as you go with a stadium style that isn’t to complicated it shouldn’t be all that hard. one word of advice, think about scale right from the start, always have some reference of scale nearby. What worked quite well for me was to make a box that was the height of a person and then just dragged that around as I worked so as to keep me from making something wrong. (I choose to say that 0.10 blender units equaled 1 foot, and did all measurements in feet only, but particular ratio is arbitrary, most people seem to use meters.) as long as I’m giving advice, try to get some kind of blueprints for the stadium, even if you have to make it yourself, again, the biggest problem I had was with scales being off, and the best time to fix that is at the very beginning.

oh, and welcome to BA! Good luck, and happy Blendering!

Thanks a lot guys… let’s see how it turns out.

yeah everything depends on detail. You could spend 3 months modeling a deodorant stick. You could also spend 2 minutes modeling a theme park. You can take anything as far as you want. As you keep getting closer and closer with the camera you will need to add more and more detail to make it look realistic. A Boeing 747 in the distant sky could pass with a 10 minute speed model. If you want to go inside and walk around obviously you will need a 2 week modeling rampage.

On a different note, don’t forget to use tons of reference. It’s not cheating. Observation is an essential skill for any artist. Nobody can be expected to know exactly how a stadium is laid out off the top of their head unless they’ve done some studying of stadiums.

I had to model one quite recently. Not a highly detailed one but just enough to show up convincingly on a printed area about 21cm x 10. I had to use a very wide angle (15mm) to get a scope of the place.

The biggest problem I had with the whole thing was the placement of the seats. I dupliframed them on the subdivided vertives I had placed around the stadium. Great. But the problem came when the seats needed to face a specific region. I can’t let all of them arrange their normals to one point in the centre. All the seats would voncverge and it would look stupid.

So, I painstakingly selected the vertices on the circular corner areas in every column row and then dupliframe/arranged the seats. Aaargh! It was such a headache I’m not going to go into too much detail here.

But you can read about it here at my post: