Modeling a steering wheel...

Evening all,

I would like to model a steering wheel but I’m not sure how to start it, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a noob either so technical terms can be used! :slight_smile: I’m thinking perhaps to create a tube that goes around, cut it in half, mirror it and then cut sections out where I need to extrude stuff.

This is the wheel I’m trying to model, but sometimes I look at stuff and think “hmm how am I going to do that…?”

Thanks :eek:

sounds like you know what you need to do to get started. some of those curvy bits look tricky though. I think you need more reference photos to really know what is going on there.

Use the array modifier on a small part of the steering wheel and then a curve modifier to make it a circle. Done and done.

Could start with topology. I first drew some of what I look for when modeling something like that, with as less vertices as possible.
Usually I would examine much more references but I only looked at pic you linked in this one.
Would probably do the bulging part on top of the thumb rest differently than what I did here because It’s more prominent. And also add more geometry to get rid of the 6-sided pole.

From top left:

  • original
  • symmetry
  • a perfect circle has vertices evenly spaced around the perimeter. I drew some cuts where I absolutely need them and then cut the rest of the wheel circle evenly. I placed poles on the key areas where I would be turning the face loops
  • some more key cuts
  • here you see what the poles do. there is a continuous face loop around the wheel and the edge loops from the inside parts gets sent on the wheel inside, instead of across where they would destroy the perfect circular shape
  • there is a defining edge that needs to be outlined. should’ve outlined this earlier but should work

-> Can start with a mesh circle that has 20 vertices

Wouldn’t normally model like this but I quickly did a mockup in Blender without reference image and used only those lines to guide where the vertices go.

Not a pretty sight but works as an example I guess.

Thanks everyone, I had a go at it this morning and so far I’ve come up with this. The shape isn’t right yet but I’ve got the general jist of it I think…