Modeling a velociraptor and making a rigg

I recently made a video tutorial about how to modell a velociraptor in Blender and making a working rigg for it. Made in Blender version 2.49b
The tutorial is devided into 9 parts and are over 1 hour long.
Hope someone has use of this :slight_smile:

Here are all the parts (they are linked together in the video):


Looks interesting, will surely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

I like how you broke it down into smaller vids, makes it easier to follow.

Any chance you can make a final vid on how things are done to apply this rig in 2.5

Donโ€™t think there is any mayor changes that need to be done but sure I can do that :smiley:
Gonna do it right now, I am a litle bored right now.

And now the video is online on youtube:
Hope you found it usefull :smiley:

cool :smiley:
iโ€™ve used that same reference image before :slight_smile:

what recording software did you use?

Sorry for replying so late :stuck_out_tongue:
I used Camtasia for the recording and editing.

Thank you so much for this tutorial series!

No problem.
Hope you like it and if you follow it, maybe you could post the results of it :slight_smile:

I am following it tonight :slight_smile:

but right now I am busy :slight_smile: