Modeling Advice Please

I dont blame anyone if they pretend not to see this post and dont answer but could someone please help? I need to know the easiest way to model flower pedals to look realastic. Thanks in advance. I know I’m not real thrilled about it either its for a tattoo not for me. :slight_smile:

use mesh please…first make the desired shape and convert it to subsurf.duplicate it and make few changes to make it look different.repeat the steps until you get the desired number of pedals.

Thanks KOS I’m guessing that would be the best way right? I was hoping their was another alternative. I really suck at that method is why I double asked. :slight_smile: Thanks take care.


get some flowers for reference. pictures are nice, but you can’t beat the real thing.
(Also, when you’re done with them. You could scan the petals for texture)

  1. pofo

Sweet Idea! I never thought to do that. Thats perfect. Ive been kind of debating on the method and it’s solved! Thanks pofo