Modeling advice

(kai_yak) #1


I am trying to model this guitar.

I first started with drawing the curve from a picture

But then when i tried to start detailling the body shape i failled miserably. :frowning: It turned out like this and similar.

Am i starting the wrong way? I have modeled a guitar before but it had a more starndard guitar shape. This shape is more difficult to model. Should i go with curve, subnurf or else?

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(YAYA) #2

Ok, first, the shape is a bio one, the best for me is to start with a plane in subsurf and successive extrude, that will be the tough part, but go slow, and you’ll get it, remember that extrude without moving new vertices will allow you to model straight angles.

(Detritus) #3

Try to make the faces by hand (mark 4 or 3 vertices and press F-key).

(CurtisS) #4

You will need to extrude the edges of your curve shape a couple of times so you have better control of the beveled edge when using SubSurf.

(ray_theway) #5

I had the same problem modelling a viola using meshes. Making the faces by hand looked fine as long as I didn’t use Set Smooth. Unfortunately, I had to smooth it out because the shape was too beveled, so I started over using beziers. Much cleaner.