Modeling Advice

Hey. When modeling characters should i use any special program, or use the mesh shapes within blender?

if you want to use em in the blender game engine, just model em in blender, then you dont have to fuss with importing/exporting

That works the best.

blender is great for making stuff to animate.

There are other fre appplicatoins you can use too, like WIngs 3d.
Wings rocks. the interface is very clean, and great for people new to modeling.

Later I suggest learning blender, because it is very fast and powerful to!

I also use a program called Zbrush sometimes, The Zspheres are easy for me to make realistic looking trees.I have also come up with some neat player models and stuff useing Zspheres.

now for rapid development, I just use blender to model, slap on some nice vertex painting, fininsh modeling and UV mapping… Bake the vertex colors to the UV maps…
save the texture, and edit in gimp :smiley:

some times will take my complicated things to Zbrush to finalize texturing, and to sculpt a normal map.
Lately though, I am just using blender paint tools+gimp for everything.
I have even started useing the sculpt tools for the normal map baking :slight_smile:

anyway… if you have the time and patience to learn all about blender, and a bit about GIMP, you will have a pretty powerful pipeline for most of your modeling needs :slight_smile:

Dont pass up the free 1 month Zbrush demo… If you get good with that and buy it, you can make some pretty insane stuff “on the fly”, then port back to blender your textures, for all the animation goodness :smiley:

Note that ZBrush is a high-poly modelling tool which is not good for game models.

Note also that ZBrush can use multi-res editing to create amazing multi-million polygon detail, then export a normal/displacement map based on the difference of a low poly model and a high poly one - just like Blender has recently gained the ability to do.

To be honest, Zbrush is just as good and in many ways better than Blender for modelling. It can do super hi-res stuff (up to 1 billion polygons), but this isn’t an uncontrollable consequence of using it. Making 500 - 1000 poly characters is no real brainer in Z either. It’s just a shame that it costs $500, otherwise I’d get a copy for home.

get good reference’s and watch lots of tuts, then you can start to do it.

Thanks guys im pretty decent at modeling, i just needed to know if there was any other programs i could use. You guys pretty much sumed it up. Thanks.