Modeling an accurate roll cage

Hi everyone,
Ive just got in to blender and managed to model the shell of a car to scale.
I wish to build this car as a project and ive started to model my concepts drawings in blender. Ive gotten to the point of designing the roll cage. I got basic modeling down but i cant figure out a way of modeling the cage accurately. I need to be able to model the cage accurately and measure all the angles and lengths so i can replicate them.
Any help is very much appreciated.

I would recommend switching to a CAD program for that.

Screenshots please, we can’t know what exactly you are talking about.

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I was hoping i wouldn’t need to switch to a different software.

The cage i currently have is just made with Bezier curves and is just freehand

did you try with a mesh and then use the wireframe modifier?

happy bl

The “precision” you mentioned is undefined. Is your main issue snapping? What is the precision issue are you talking about? Are you looking for a way to put some bg image so you can trace it? Or is it units related precision?

No i have not tryed the wireframe modifier, ill give it a go today.

Im working on making the cage fit inside the shell and when it dose i would like to be able to mesure the lengths of the individual tubes and angles of the bends to be able to make it irl out of steel tubing.

Currently the cage is made out of Bezier curves and is very inaccurate in the fact none of the long ‘straight’ bits of tube are actually straight and the bends are the same. Im just really looking for a better way of making the cage ten the process im currently using

You can extrude individual vertices (E) to make straight lines. A vertex can have any number of outgoing edges. And they can be merged back. Once you have it caged in that way, you can either use the skin modifier to skin it. Or select all press “F” to add faces than you can use the wireframe modifier RickyBlender recommended.

Here is my next generation roll cage, employing the skin modifier.

How would one make them tubes rather the rectangular? How would one incorporate measurable curves(as in angle and radius) in to that method? Is there a way to measure the length of each section?

Sorry for all the questions its just the way i learn

Also this is my result when using the skin modifier on a basic cube.
What am i doing worng? it looks nothing like yours

You can apply subdividion surface on top of it.

Go into the edit mode, select all verts and pres Ctrl-A to scale the skin mod influence.

You can also tighten the corners by adding more verts around the corners.