Modeling an animal from concept art

Hello, I am going to attempt to model a wolf for my first animal/human model. I have it setup in top, front and side view. Can someone tell me which mesh I should start with? is there any good video tutorials for doing it this way? Thanks!

I would start by box modelling the head and body, attach the legs and tail as seperate objects, then retopo the whole thing. then I would duplicate it, give it a multires modifier, and sculpt in some detail. Then, I would bake the normals of the duplicate onto the original. And lastly, would paint him a texture and give him a particle system for his fur.

Wow that is alot of work. Without a doubt I will need to find a tutorial.

using simple google to do a search for:
blender tutorial model wolf

gives some hints,
first hit is this step-by-step-tutorial with images to box-model a fox

and shure, there are other tutorials like videos about box-modeling,
then do a search only about:
blender tutorial box modeling

and you will find examples about box-modeling a dragon or an alien … or …
even human-meshes… etc.

This should work great thank you.

It’s not as much work as it sounds like. The retopoing can take awhile though. Just depends on how detailed you want the actual mesh.

I’d be happy with a basic design